Success is easy to achieve but to many people its not. In this post we have made several researches and come up great ideas that will help you achieve success any way you are.
We have been trained to consume in order to be happy. To work in order to consume, and to exist in order to work. This means that we live our lives merely to live so that we can work at places we don’t like in order to buy stuff we really want or need deep down, all in an attempt to maintain the illusion of happiness so we don’t have to face the truth that we are not happy, truly happy, in our lives. We have forgotten that the source of happiness lies within the center of our spiritual being, and we have replaced it by seeking it in the material world. We have things backwards.

What is Manifesting and How Does the Process Work towards success?
Where does the manifestation process begin? Does it start with desire? Is it born out of wanting something? Does it stem from the inner drive to better ourselves? If you stop and take a good look around at your life, are you happy with it? Do you like the way that the interior of your home looks, the quality of your furniture, the level of comfort that you enjoy? Are you pleased with the type of car that you drive, the make, model, and year? Do you like the way that you look, your wardrobe, your health, your fitness level? All of these things have been manifested to you in one way or another. They have been brought about by you, your actions, your decisions, your method of living and being. You may not be aware of it consciously, but you are very connected to your life and how it plays out. You have been manifesting your whole life without even knowing it.


How Could my Thoughts Have Created All of This in my Life?

The simple truth is that your thoughts did have a great influence on the way
that your life has turned out until this point. Everything in your physical universe has been created, in one way or another, by your thoughts. The thoughts were the blueprints of the life that you wanted to live. When you acted on those thoughts, the blueprints became a physical form.
Everything Starts With an Idea! You must be Conscious of your Ideas and Thoughts in order to Control the Outcome of What You are Manifesting. For example, if you spend all of your time worrying about getting the bills paid, then you will invariably create more of the same because you have put thought into the issue. At the core, your thoughts are merely energy vibrations that resonate with similar vibrations existing in the world around you. In the physical world, you can see this by placing two identical guitars side by side and plucking the string of one guitar with your finger. If you pay close attention, you will see that the same string on the other guitar will start to vibrate on its own without you even touching it. This is the principle of harmonious resonance.

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It is essential that you control your thoughts. The fact that your thoughts create your reality is prime to the manifesting process. If you can learn to control your thoughts, then you will be able to control what you manifest in your life and what you create in your reality. If you are not controlling your thoughts, if you let your subconscious mind continue to control them like it has your whole life, then you will find that things are manifesting around you that are random and unconnected to what you desire. This is because those things are random and unconnected to you. You are being influenced by the thoughts of your subconscious and the thoughts of others.
Thoughts are like programs that can be sent like signals from one person another. You can send and receive these thought programs, and so can everyone else. This happens even if you are not aware that it is happening. Sometimes you want to send, and sometimes you want to receive. The key is knowing when to do either one. It is the balance of knowing when to create and when to experience that makes the process of manifesting so powerful in one’s life. You have to find this balance on your own through practicing the concepts that you are learning in this post. - NIGERIA #1 ONLINE MONEY MAKING BUSINESS WEBSITE

If you spend all of your time manifesting, then you miss out on the joys that may be waiting for you, the surprises that come from living in such a wonderful and unexpected world. If you spend all of your time experiencing the world around you as it is, then you will never advance your life by
manifesting things that you want to create for yourself.
Another way to state this need for balance is by saying that you need to have responsive responsibility – this is the ability to consciously respond. In every single moment of your life, you have the chance to choose what you want to do. With this choice, you are either going to experience what is being created for you or create something new for yourself. If you do not make this choice, then the reality that you are in will make it for you.
Knowing what it is That You Want in Life is Key Most people go through their lives and never give a second thought to what they want in life. Oh, they may think about the things that they want in the immediate future; they may even give thought to some vague dreams that they have down the line, but they rarely sit and think about what it is that they want to happen to them in detail.


Most people live without knowledge or forethought about their lives and therefore become victims of their own consciousness, or more specifically, their subconsciousness. For those people, work is merely “getting a job,” and
life is a series of basic choices about where to live and how to set up their home. They may choose their place to live because rent is cheap. They may find themselves unable to be in a solid relationship or may find that they are ineffectual parents.

Within yourself, you will find that there is a craving for more that is dying to be satisfied. You have a desire to have more substance in your life and to have more enjoyment in your day to day existence. If you doubt the power of your own mind to create the world that you exist in, think for a moment of the old
adage, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” A major factor in successfully
implementing the idea of manifesting in your life is to take time to ponder what it is that you want out of your life. Not just for the immediacy, but also for the long term, and for all of the details and minor things that come in between. Your plans and your goals are the road map that you will use to create the world that you want to live in.
A good way to get started is to take the time to sit and think for a long time about the answers to the following questions. Write these answers down, and take a little time every few days from this point on to explore them further.